Symbian Foundation CEO Suddenly Resigns

The Symbian Foundation has announced that CEO Lee M Williams will leave the company after two years service with immediate effect. The reason for his departure has been cited as “Personal Reasons”. Tim Holbrow, previously the CFO for the Symbian Foundation, has been appointed as Williams’s replacement.

Prior to this position, Williams led the S60 Software organization in Nokia’s Devices business and was responsible for Nokia’s software strategies including the S60 platform.

We can speculate that the Symbian platform is floundering and that is the main reason for Williams departure. Recently Samsung notified developers that it will cease support for the Symbian platform and haven’t released a Symbian-powered device since July of last year. Sony Ericcson also recently announced that it has no further plans to develop cellphones powered by the Symbian operating system.

Even Nokia’s latest flagship device the Nokia N8, running Symbian^3, has received some lukewarm reviews and maybe the pressure is finally beginning to show.

Symbian needs a new direction; Microsoft learned the lesson of releasing incremental updates to the Windows Mobile platform. Eventually it was left behind and needed a complete remake to resemble a mobile operating system for today. This could be Symbians opportunity to make those changes too!

Source: Mobile Industry Review

Via: Engadget

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