Swype Pulled from Verizon Omnia II, Works on WVGA Devices

The Verizon branded Samsung Omnia II comes with a fantastic software keyboard, called Swype, which uses an innovative method of input. The idea is that you slide from key to key without having to lift a finger. This saves time from having to punch in every letter one-by-one. With a little practice, users should eventually be able to compose text messages in a heart beat. Unfortunately, users of the original Omnia II have been left in the dark, as their devices did not feature Swype. Well, these users, along with owners of other WVGA devices, will be happy to hear that Swype has been extracted from a ROM dump.

The guys at MoDaCO have packaged the keyboard into a CAB file for easy installation. Skimming through the thread, it looks like it’s confirmed to work on the GSM Omnia II, as well as the HTC Pure. The screenshot above shows it running on a Touch Pro2. Text entry works like a charm and there’s even a nice tutorial to explain the features. Some testers reported that the keyboard doesn’t stick after soft resets, meaning you have to manually switch to it. This can probably be fixed with either a registry edit or through a program like SKTools. On the Touch Pro2, however, it stayed as the default after a reboot.

If you’re interested, you can grab the installation file for Swype from MoDaCo. Remember to take caution by backing up your system beforehand. If you decide to test it out, please post whether it works or not for your device in the comments!

Update: it also looks like Swype is working on the original Omnia and there appears to be another CAB floating around. Though, this may be specially ported for the Omnia’s WQVGA screen. Let us know in the comments if you discover any differences between the two files (Thanks, Timi Azeez).


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