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How to wake your Android by swiping (Video)

By Joe Levi September 3, 2013, 12:09 pm
swipe to wake

How many times do you turn your smartphone on each day? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply swipe your finger across the screen to wake it up? I’m not talking about “swipe to unlock”, this is “swipe to wake” — or “sweep to wake”. I’ve heard it both ways.

The concept is simple: you pick up your phone and swipe your finger across the screen. As if by magic the screen turns on and you’re either looking at your lock-screen or your homescreen — however you’ve got your phone configured. The “swipe” takes the place of finding and pressing your power button.

If all this sounds somewhat familiar it’s because it’s a feature of the new Moto X, which contains a few dedicated chips to make this sort of wizardry possible. If you want the same functionality on your Android, chances are, you’re in luck! First off you’ve got to be rooted, then flash a kernel that supports the “swipe to wake” functionality. I went with a solution called Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro, which is available for around US$5 in the Play Store. This app lets you download the latest Faux123 kernel which you can then flash via your favorite Recovery image. After you’ve done that, the app lets you make all kinds of customizations that go well beyond the basic overclock/underclock capabilities that custom kernels are known for. The “Sweep2Wake” feature may cause more drain on your battery, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience of never having to press your power button again, right?


Hit play and see “Sweep2Wake” in action, as well as a quick walk-through of some of the other features of Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro.


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