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Android gets sweeter, YouTube gets more musical, and Lumia gets more Microsoft. Those are the headlines this week in tech news and views (backed up by a lot of crazy happenings from Samsung, LG, Sharp and more) and by sheer force of will, we’re going to try covering them in 90 minutes or less on the fanciest podcast this side of Tuxedo Alley.

Joining us this week to help with that monumental task is Joshua Vergara of Android Authority, a veteran of our live recording session from IFA 2014 and the only person we know who’s happy to say yes to a podcast appearance with 60 minutes’ notice. He’s also the only one on the air today who’s packing a Nexus 6, so get your questions in early via the Q&A app in Hangouts if you’re watching the show live! You’ll be competing with our own questions, after all, as we’re still out in the cold on that one.

If that’s the kind of podcast that licks your lollipop (gross, I know), then you’ve found the Hangout you’re looking for. Join us for Pocketnow Weekly 122 below –either through the live video stream at 1:00pm Eastern on November 13 (click here for your local time), or the high-quality audio version available later on– and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you then!


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November 13, 2014



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Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 updates now incoming for select Nexus models

Leak uncovers Android Wear improvements landing with Lollipop



Microsoft announces Lumia 535, an affordable midranger

Purported Lumia 940 specs sound too good to be true


Odds & Ends

Google launches Messenger app for SMS/MMS, separate from Hangouts

Sharp’s new 2K smartphone display is sharpest yet

LG AKA goes official to delight, confuse you


Dial F for Fail


A segment from our top news wrangler about injustice, misdeeds, and general foolishness within the mobile industry. Today’s topic is all about the tunez.



Why YouTube Music Key is the worst (or, Why I ain’t paying for no damn subscription)

(Related story)


Listener Mail



E-mailed submissions from WOLF LΔMBERT,  Ricardo Ochoa, and Zachary Randolph




It may just sound like a ringtone to you, but our transition music track (“Radiation”) is a real song, from a real album, by a real artist: Ali Spagnola. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

See you next week for Episode 123!

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