Swatch CEO teases future smartwatch by calling out the Apple Watch’s weaknesses

The smartwatch market is still anybody’s game, as even company’s like Apple haven’t figured out the right combination for success. As a result we’ve heard major brands like Tag Heuer and Fossil interested in a piece of the pie, in addition to Swatch. We have yet to see what these watch experts come up with in the future, but today we get a minor teaser.

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek was recently interviewed about the smartwatch market, and his reaction to the Cupertino offering in particular was that “The Apple Watch is an interesting toy, but not a revolution.” According to Hayek, the biggest hurdle of today’s smartwatches is that they can’t last more than 24 hours without being recharged. He also voiced his concern over the privacy of your health data as well.

As a result, Hayek did take the opportunity to voice the advantages of Swatch’s future smartwatch. He didn’t mention anything about battery life, but did say that the new Swatch will include mobile payments through NFC. What’s odd is that he did confirm that there will be no sort of fitness tracking built in. It’s hard to predict how that’ll play for the Swatch smartwatch, but if the company can make it fashionable enough to gain popularity, Swatch might be on to something, and especially at a time when it clearly won’t adopt any existing platform.

Source: The Guadian
Via: Apple Insider

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