There are a lot of things current smartwatches could do to make themselves more attractive: deliver thinner designs, improve cross-device (and especially cross-platform) compatibility, and more. But there’s probably no change that would be better received than doing something about power consumption, freeing us from daily (or even multiple times daily) charge cycles. That’s why we’re so intrigued to hear a new smartwatch Swatch is planning to launch soon, one that the company claims won’t need to be charged.

Swatch intends to introduce the smartwatch sometime before May, which will have compatibility with Android and Windows devices. Among its features, the wearable will support some form of mobile payment capability.

And then there’s this battery angle: we’re told the Swatch wearable will offer internet connectivity without having to be charged. But what does that actually mean?

We’re looking at two problems here, both that we don’t fully know what sort of smartwatch feature set we’re talking about (display, wireless options, et al), and that it’s unclear what Swatch means about not requiring charging. Will it be a low-power system that gets its juice from a kinetic charger, extracting tiny bits of electricity from your wrist’s movements? That could be the best-case scenario here – on the other side, a bare bones “smartwatch” with a regular, consumable watch battery. So, no recharging, but occasional battery replacement – not exactly the dream we were hoping for.

Until we know more, it’s hard to say just how excited we should be about this wearable, but we’re curious to get the full details on the smartwatch, all the same.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Android Central

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