Swarovski has a ‘brilliant’ Android Wear smartwatch slated for a ‘dazzling’ March debut

Doing what he does best, Evan Blass managed to spoil Qualcomm’s biggest CES 2017 “surprise” with just hours to go until the official Snapdragon 835 details were out in Las Vegas. But the San Diego-based semiconductor giant was still left with a few arguably lower-key announcements up its sleeve, including the very vague preview of Swarovski’s first smartwatch.

That’s right, another traditional fashion brand looks set to join the competitive yet stagnant intelligent wearable market, and although the world-renowned Austrian producer of cut lead glass isn’t ready to share, well, anything specific about its rookie smartwatch effort, we’re expecting a decidedly luxurious release.

With a restrictive price tag to match, presumably, Android Wear software (hopefully, version 2.0 pre-loaded), and a Qualcomm SoC under the hood (well, duh). Possibly, the Snapdragon Wear 2100, or maybe an as-yet unannounced follow-up tailor-made for the next wave of Apple Watch-contending wearable devices.

How come we know so little about Swarovski’s attempt to be just as hip and forward-thinking as premium fashion designer rivals Fossil or Tag Heuer? Simple – “timing is everything”, and apparently, BaselWorld 2017 in March is when and where this “brilliant” product will make its “dazzling” debut.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already figure out the target audience, it’s the ladies. Think the Huawei Watch Jewel, but perhaps with even more flashy crystals.

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