This year’s new iPhone models may surpass iPhone 6 record sales

Last year’s iPhone X sales were pretty good for Apple interests, but we may be about to witness the arrival of a new lineup that will break previous records.

Some supply chain sources bet on the new iPhone models of 2018 to be the ones to give Apple sales numbers that surpass the ones achieved by the iPhone 6. The three new models offer a nice selection of sizes and improved internal specifications. The 6.5” model with OLED screen may be the one everybody will desire, while the 6.1 LCD model won’t be a bad choice if you’re under a tighter budget. There are some people that even believe that the LCD model would be priced around $700 and that last year’s iPhone X may lower its price into $899 to give this year’s X Plus or Xs the new $1000 price tag.

The new design that comes with all these 2018 models with nearly no bezels is something many Apple users have been waiting for. Now we just have to wait and see if they get to be as successful as they were back in 2014.

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