Today’s mobile devices can do a million and one different things, limited only by the imagination of software devs and the resources afforded by hardware manufacturers. And while we usually love learning about new tricks our gadgets can pull off, when that trick is “spontaneously catch fire,” we find ourselves a little less excited. Now Microsoft may be planning a big recall for Surface Pro accessories, as word arrives of a possible fire hazard.

Reportedly, Microsoft’s come to learn that the power adapters shipped with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 tablets prior to July 15 of last year are at risk of developing wiring faults. When the cords attached to these adapters are bent over and over, or wrapped up too tightly, there appears to be a risk of short-circuit, and from there it doesn’t take much to cause an unwanted fire.

According to this account of the situation, Microsoft is expected to formally announce a voluntary recall of affected adapters this Friday, where users will be able to request new power adapters and receive instructions on disposal of their faulty ones.

The voluntary nature of that recall suggests that this probably isn’t a huge problem, and Microsoft is just being safe, but why take the risk? If you’ve got an older Surface Pro model, pay attention later this week for the arrival of those recall details.

Source: Channelnomics Europe
Via: WMPoweruser

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