You didn’t really think the “proud sponsor of the NFL” and official provider of Surface gear for football coaches and players would stay on the sidelines of the pre-Super Bowl marketing craze, now, did you?

Microsoft’s US e-store (and presumably, physical shops as well) have a sweet new deal in place, with not only a marked-down pair of 2-in-1 Surface Pro 4 variants up for grabs, but complimentary keyboard accessories too.

We’re obviously talking the special NFL Type Cover edition, which you can customize in the colors of your favorite football team, vivid logos and all. Of course, otherwise, this is the same beloved magnetically attachable keyboard compatible with both the Surface Pro 3 and 4, constructed of “premium” materials, offering “optimal key spacing for fast and fluid typing, plus an enlarged track pad for precision control and navigation.”

Most importantly, it usually costs $160, and it’s free of charge now for a limited time. Add $200 discounts on the Core m3 and Core i5/128GB SSD/4GB RAM Surface Pro 4 models to the equation, and you’ve got the deal of a lifetime football season on your hands.

Granted, you still need to cough up at least $699 here, or $799 with extra processing power, which may feel unwise to some when the Pro 5 is probably right around the corner. Your call.

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