Microsoft goes after MacBook Air in latest Surface Pro 4 commercial (video)

Apple’s surprising “computer like no other” iPad Pro advert from a few weeks ago seemed ill-advised off the bat on so many levels, sparking an immediate return of snarky Microsoft publicity stunts.

But Redmond wasn’t content just knocking down the convertible iOS tablet’s half-baked PC functionality, now arguing its Surface line even “does more” than the most recent MacBook Air installments.

And no, we’re not talking about the “ultimate” Surface Book laptop here, but the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 4 hybrid tab, which holds a clear versatility advantage over its 11 and 13-inch arch-rivals in a detachable keyboard.

Of course, Cupertino could always rebut the rigid keyboards on MacBooks are also sturdier and extra-productive, though that doesn’t entirely make up for the Air’s added heft. And then the Surface Pro 4 has a touch-enabled, more “beautiful screen”, pen capabilities, “Hello when you start” biometric logins, as well as superior raw speed in tow, at least according to its manufacturers. Finally, a less “square” design.

Game, set and match Microsoft? Well, MacBooks are still in relatively high demand around the world, so obviously, not everyone agrees with this amusing ad’s points. Do you?

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