They’re not just summoned from whole cloth, and not everyone can afford the Vienna Boys Choir, so where do ringtones come from? A great many artists and musicians, actually, and we talk to a particularly talented one on today’s podcast. Ali Spagnola joins us in the feature segment to share tales of music making, drinking games, and just how one gets banned from Michigan – and on the way we learn exactly how a pair of ringtones called “Radiation” and “Robots for Everyone” found themselves on millions of smartphones the world over.

Before that, Adam Z. Lein stops by to tell us all about the Surface Pro 3 he picked up at the Microsoft launch event Tuesday, and Taylor Martin returns from a long podcast sabbatical to trade thoughts, quips and barbs on everything from the LG G3 to the Galaxy S5 Active to the Moto 360 and beyond.

If that last sentence means more to you than a few lines of gibberish, you’re in the right place; if not, and you’re just here for Ali, that’s cool too – see the time codes below to land right where you want in today’s 90 minute podcast. Enjoy the show, and then have a weekend you can be proud of come Monday.

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Intro & Thought Thread (00:00:00)

Hello Pocketnow team! Well my question is quick and simple! Would any of you be willing to switch your Macbooks or Airs for the Surface Pro 3?

–Christopher Drummer


Windows (00:02:05)

Surface Pro 3 hands on (Video)

Surface Mini killed just days before announcement?

Lenovo Windows Phone coming late this year

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Nokia Lumia Icon (Video)


Android (00:44:31)

Think smartphone speakers don’t matter? Think again

LG QuickCircle case official ahead of G3 launch?

Galaxy S5 Active hands-on videos reveal more of upcoming phone

HTC M8 Prime render suggests camera won’t be flush

Moto 360 rumored pricing looks official





Musician, performing artist, visual artist, and ringtone-maker Ali Spagnola spills the deets on how she got two songs preinstalled on millions of Android smartphones – and how sometimes lyrics aren’t quite as apt as radiation for ringtones.

They may just be notification sounds to you, but they’re real songs, from a real album. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

Thanks for listening!

Tune in again next week!

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