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Microsoft releases plans for Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock you can 3D-print and assemble yourself

By Stephen Schenck June 30, 2015, 1:23 pm

How do you use your Surface? If you’re one of the many tablet users who just couldn’t say no to the power and broad PC compatibility of the Surface Pro 3, you’ve no doubt spent a lot of time working with the tablet propped-up in one of its many integrated kickstand settings. From nearly flat to upright like a laptop, the kickstand offers plenty of flexibility – so long as you’re interested in using the Surface in landscape orientation. What if portrait view would be more conducive towards your work? Back at its Build conference, Microsoft teased a new VESA-mount dock it cooked up for the Surface Pro 3, letting it easily be used alongside desktop monitors – including in portrait mode. Today Microsoft releases a set of files that let you build this same Surface Pro 3 3-in-1 dock for yourself.

The project takes an existing Surface 3 docking station, and with the the help of some 3D-printed parts, a laser cutter, and some assorted hardware, transforms it into a versatile, adjustable dock. The original dock accounts for the bulk of the investment you’ll need to make in parts, but with that available for as little as $150 now, the whole shebang can be put together for under $210. While that’s still a decent chunk of change, if it helps make your Surface Pro 3 usage that much more productive, it could still be a smart move.

Page through Microsoft’s instructions and see if this is a project you’re interested in taking on. While it’s more advanced than some, the process is straightforward enough, and starting with the existing dock gives you a nice head start. Anyone up for building their own 3-in-1 dock?

Source: Microsoft
Via: Windows Central

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