This morning, we got an early look at Microsoft’s Surface pricing, revealing the tablet to be just a bit more expensive than we were hoping. Since then, Microsoft’s pre-order page for the Windows RT tablet has gone live, confirming what we had just seen. Now that you have the chance to place a pre-order for Surface tablet, will you be jumping at it?

The big news to come of all this is just how much Microsoft will be selling Surface for, starting at $500 without any keyboard. In a world where everyone’s been trying to release tablets in the $200-$300 range, that might be a difficult sell. When you consider just how useful a keyboard case will be for Surface, the extra $100-plus such an accessory adds to your purchase price makes the whole thing even harder to swallow.

At least now we’re prepared to steel ourselves for how much the Windows 8 Pro-running Surface will be when Microsoft finally divulges those details.

We want to know what you think about Surface pre-orders, and news of its pricing. Do you already have your order in? Are you happy to save a few bucks and live without a keyboard, or do you see it as essentially a requirement? Are you going to spring extra for the Type Cover?

Source: Microsoft

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