For a long time, the purported Microsoft Surface Phone sounded more like something people wanted to be real than a device with actual chances of ever materializing. But just last week, a presumed pre-release prototype of the ultimate business Windows mobile was allegedly seen in the flesh, and now, a semi-credible source confirms ongoing work on a productivity-centric diminutive Surface.

This should apparently roll out at some point next year with “enhanced” Continuum capabilities, Win32 app support in tow, as well as “less focus on specs.” But fret not, high-end specification addicts, as separate Lumia 950 and 950 XL sequels could also be in the pipeline, powered by Qualcomm’s as-yet unreleased beastly Snapdragon 820 chip.

Like Samsung, Microsoft is rumored to have taken an active interest in evaluating and optimizing the quad-core 64-bit CPU for overheating elimination in need, despite naturally targeting Q3 or Q4 launches. You wouldn’t want the… Lumia 960 and 960 XL (?) to land a measly three or six months after their predecessors now, would you?

Of course, it makes perfect sense for Redmond to stick with Qualcomm-made SoCs even if they do present cooling difficulties, given the advanced liquid-based system introduced with the Lumia 950 XL. At the same time, if the tech giant seeks a split between two premium smartphone lines, Intel is the only logical Surface choice. But there are a lot of ifs, woulds and coulds involved in the equation still.

Source: NokiaPowerUser

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