It’s been a while now since we heard anything new about Microsoft’s possible plans for a Surface 2 Mini, after a number of rumors attempted to describe such hardware a couple months back. At the time, we didn’t have a firm grasp on many specifics, with details like screen aspect ratio, size, and resolution still up in the air. While we can’t yet say if it’s any more accurate, today we get to check out some new claims about the hardware and hear about some possible features.

For starters, instead of a 4:3 display in the seven-inch range, apparently we’re now looking at a widescreen 1080p panel measuring more in the eight-inch space. It sounds like we’re still likely to get a Windows RT device instead of one running full Windows, but this talk of the chipset the tablet will run is a little confusing, mentioning both x86 and ARM architectures – that could just be a translation issue.

But the really interesting part: the Surface Mini could get some kind of Kinect-like visual tracking system, allowing for in-air gesture control. Right away, that has us thinking of that Nokia Goldfinger system – and then to yesterday’s news, where we heard rumors that Nokia’s own 8.3-inch tablet was being unceremoniously canceled. Instead, might it be rolling-up with the Surface Mini, as a result of Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition?

Source: WPDang (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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