Walks like a cat, looks like a Surface Laptop leak

Screen Size

13.5 inches PixelSense
"3.4 million pixels" at 3:2 aspect ratio
2250 x 1500 (~200 ppi)

[Inferred, rumored]

Release Date

May 2nd, 2017



2.76 lbs / 1.25kg



Aluminium with Alcantara-clad keyboard


Operating System

Windows 10 S


A devious little developer going by @h0x0d (aka “WalkingCat”) has leaked out a bunch of media and specifications for something called the “Surface Laptop,” said to be launched today at Microsoft’s education event in New York.

In a series of five tweets [four of which are here (that one technically from @vitorgrs), here, here and here], we can infer that the device is a slight bit bulkier — thickness goes from 9.9mm at the front to 14.47mm at back when the lid is closed — than a typical Surface Pro convertible tablet. It’s also not convertible, but the screen does have touch and inking support.

There will only be a full USB port, a DisplayPort and a headphone jack for I/O.

What’s been called “Windows 10 Cloud” and “Windows Cloud” in rumor circles will supposedly debut as Windows 10 S, which will only run apps from the Windows Store. You can learn more about what the software may specifically entail here.

The marketing materials leaked depict grown women using the device. Yes, it makes sense — Microsoft has invested dollars and efforts into encouraging and training women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. But given that the device is supposed to go after Google’s low-end Chromebook platform that is dominating across K-12 technology supply channels, we don’t exactly see children using the Surface Laptop. Then again, we might just be missing out on a ton of content yet to be seen.

Those details and others may be disclosed by this leaker, but we’ll learn about everything Microsoft wants to reveal for sure starting at 9:30am Eastern.

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