Back in January we saw Microsoft introduce its biggest “tablet” yet. Not ringing a bell? Fair enough, because we’re not talking about this past January, but all the way back in January 2015, when Microsoft launched the wall-mounted Surface Hub in 55-inch and gigantic 84-inch sizes. The business-focused presentation/brainstorming tool might not end up on any of our living room walls, but it was still neat to see Microsoft using the Surface brand for something that was maybe a little closer to its PixelSense roots. It’s sure taken a while to get here, but the Surface Hub has finally started shipping to business customers.

After that January 2015 launch, we didn’t hear much about the Surface Hub for months and months: summer pre-orders were supposed to lead to September shipments, but the product never made it our of Microsoft’s warehouses. It wasn’t until December that we finally got an update on the Surface Hub’s fate, learning it would finally ship in Q1 2016.

Last month we saw a news broadcaster in Microsoft’s backyard get early access to a Surface Hub of its own, but still hadn’t learned of broader distribution. The end of Q1 is within sight by now, but Microsoft has finally made good on its word and confirmed that the Surface Hub is now shipping.

Calling it a “team-empowering solution,” Microsoft sounds excited about what the Surface Hub can do to enhance the way firms get business done. As some of the first customers get theirs set up, hopefully we’ll soon be hearing some first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work with one.

Source: Microsoft

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