Surface Hub will be later than late and now costs another $2,000

We hate to ask since we’ve last mentioned this thing in January, but do you remember the Surface Hub? Touchscreens meant for board room meetings with great minds from anywhere in the world and a good bit of wall real estate. Well, it may be that them panels aren’t coming any cheaper than they were before today.

Microsoft started taking pre-orders of the Surface Hub on July 1, forecasted first shipments out by September 1 and then pushed that date down to January 1. The company muddied the waters today with a further delay: Q1. That’s all we have. Sometime in the first three months of 2016.

Also starting today, prices for both models of the Hub are up $2,000: the 55-inch version stands at $8,999 and the 84-inch one is now $21,999.

It may be that Microsoft will have taken a full calendar replacement and then some from the initial announcement to get that Hubs out to customers. And we don’t have a reason for the trouble of it all.

Source: Petri
Via: Windows Central

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