Connectivity expansion: so hot these days! Well, it is in Redmond, at least, where Continuum promises to open new doors of productivity for Windows 10 Mobile users. But before we ever had Microsoft smartphones that hooked up to external monitors for some old-fashioned desktop-computing action, the manufacturer was bringing compatibility with PC hardware to its tablet lineup through the release of Surface docks. With last year’s Surface Pro 4 we got a new docking option, an external break-out box that gave the tablet all the ports it needed to connect to your desk’s assortment of monitors, network cables, and USB accessories. Now Microsoft’s looking to hook new Surface Pro 4 owners up with that very box, free of charge.

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: the Surface Dock is pretty dang expensive. Nearly $200 for a little gray rectangle sure feels like a lot, anyway. So for the rest of today (like we said in the headline, act fast) Microsoft’s doing what it arguably should have been doing all along and is throwing in the Surface Dock, gratis, with the purchase of a new Surface Pro 4.

OK, so maybe a free dock alone won’t suddenly convince you to take the leap on a (still pretty expensive) Surface Pro 4 tablet, but if you had already been eying the tablet from across the room, just waiting for a price cut, or some other carrot-on-a-stick to lure you over, credit card in hand, maybe this dock bundle is just the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Windows Central

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