Rumor: No Surface Book 2 or Pro 5 coming this fall, no Surface Phone… ever?

With Samsung, Apple and LG’s big (-gest) fall product announcements now officially in the rearview mirror, what’s there really to look forward to for hardcore tech geeks in the coming months?

An October event dedicated to new iPad and Mac gear? Huawei Mate S2 and Mate 9 releases? Crickets. Google may still make a bunch of headlines in under a month by unveiling two Nexus-replacing Pixel phones, an in-house Daydream VR headset, 4K Chromecast, and possibly, a vanilla Android tablet too.

Meanwhile, the other prospective late fall showstopper is expected to delay all its important hardware upgrades for no earlier than next spring. The Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5, Surface Phone, all of them. Even the Microsoft Band 3, if it’s ever happening, and any sort of Atom-based Surface 3 sequel Redmond might be working on.

Well, all, except for one. Or rather three. Apparently, a trio of all-in-one Surface PCs in 21, 24 and 27-inch sizes is still coming this year, sometime in October, more specifically on the 26th (maybe). These would basically be tasked with breaking the Surface Hub form factor, albeit a little easier to handle, into the mainstream computing décor, which sounds fairly challenging.

Circling back to the fabled Surface Phone, it looks like it may not materialize in the spring either, and possibly, not even next fall, as Microsoft had hoped to make it x86-compatible. Intel threw in the mobile towel, however, and purportedly, there’s no plan B, so an altogether project cancellation is clearly not out of the question.

Sources: ZDNet, Dr. Windows
Via: MSPowerUser

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