Well, speak of the devil! We only just finished telling you about the latest rumors to discuss Surface 2 hardware, when now we finally get some news about just when to expect these tablets to launch, with Microsoft distributing invites for a September 23 New York event.

That should mean finally getting answers about all the hardware rumors we’ve been hearing, not just for the tablets themselves, but for for their accessories, as well. Those are slated to include the Power Cover, a Type Cover with an integrated battery to extend the life of the Surface 2 tablet to which it’s attached, as well as a docking station to allow easy connection of the Surface 2 Pro to an external monitor or wired Ethernet.

The new Surface 2 (RT flavor) may run a Tegra 4 and get 4GB of RAM, while the Surface 2 Pro could see an Intel Core i5 Haswell chip and a hefty 8GB of RAM.

We’ve also heard about the possibility of a Surface Mini, and while there’s been a lot less support for that idea than these other Surface 2 models, it could very well still be in the running, and we may be just two weeks away from finally seeing it confirmed.

Source: Microsoft
Via: BGR

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