SuperOneClick Easily Roots Most Androids With, Um, One Click

SuperOneClick is a Windows-only PC program so far that allows for easy, one click rooting of Android devices. Rooting, which was recently made legal and acknowledged by the U.S. government under the DMCA, allows users to get more from their Android devices and unlock potentials that carriers or OEMs may have not allowed at retail of their specific smartphone models. SuperOneClick makes it easy for consumers to gone through the rooting process, which many had previously considered a technical challenge for the average user.

The process is as simple as the program’s name implies. Start up your PC, run the app–available for download from XDA-Developers, and wait for the process to finish. The developers are working on a Linux and Mac port of the program as well, so if you don’t have access to a Microsoft box, you’ll need to sit tight. There’s also a separate button to allow non-Android Market apps to install, for select carriers who may have blocked that capability, like AT&T.

Since SuperOneClick makes use of an exploit on an Android device to get access to the OS and the system, performing the root with that program may expose your device to attacks, as a word of warning.

The program is said to work on most Android smartphones.

(via: XDA-Developers and Electronista)

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