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To paraphrase the end of one of the most uplifting, hilarious and least effective presidential speeches in Hollywood history, why can’t all superheroes just get along? That’s especially rich coming from the original Tim Burton Joker, and it’s truer than ever these days, as the Man of Steel and Caped Crusader battle each other instead of Lex Luthor, Zod or Doomsday, while Captain America and the Iron Man are themselves gearing up for an epic face-off.

Ironically, in a world where the central characters of the same cinematic universe get split in two camps, Huawei pulls off a historic crossover, succeeding in partnering one Marvel and one DC Comics hero. The first thing that comes to mind when watching Clark Kent and Natasha Romanoff together is what astonishingly cute kids they’d conceive, though the Hulk would probably take issue with something like that.

Anyways, booking both Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill for a P9 commercial and a few buzz-building photoshoots couldn’t have come cheap for the world’s third largest smartphone maker. But this is the same OEM that recently signed up real-life football hero and living legend Lionel Messi as a global brand ambassador, so clearly, advertising money isn’t a problem.

As long as brand awareness improves, particularly on the Western hemisphere, Huawei looks ready to spend as much as Samsung and Apple. Of course, a bit of caution and measure are still advised, as HTC went overboard when betting on Tony Stark, proving there’s one thing the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist isn’t very good at.

Then again, did we mention how great Superman and Black Widow look together, even without their “official” attire on? If the Huawei P9 looks half as sleek, we’re interested.

Sources: Huawei, Instagram, YouTube, PhoneArena

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