Leak claims Motorola soon to release very thin budget Android

Yesterday we told you about a smartphone from Philips that didn’t really care how thick it was, and while it measured-in at over 11 millimeters, it made great use of that space, squeezing in a giant 5300mAh battery. Based on the comments you left, a lot of you think Philips is on to the right idea here, and super-thin phones just aren’t worth the trade-offs; certainly, while very thin phones are still being released, there’s hardly the same obsession with handset thickness as we’ve seen in time past. But now a new rumor crosses our desk that suggests at least some OEMs are still interested in pushing limits, with a leak that may reveal a Motorola handset measuring just 6.2mm thick.

This find comes to us from Brazil, and it sure does seem to reveal details about a 6.2mm thick Android. The specs mentioned here aren’t stellar, and we’re missing a few key details like screen resolution and the SoC make and model, but we could see this device taking shape as a slightly lower-end alternative to the Moto G. The price given here, 599 Brazilian real, works out to about $270. For comparison, the Moto G launched in Brazil for 699 BRL (~$315).

But is this even a Motorola phone? Here’s where we start getting a little away from this rumor. Nowhere do we see anything that identifies this as a Motorola device. Clearly, a lot of this image was cropped-out, and a listing this complete would almost certainly mention the manufacturer, so why not keep the Motorola proof, if it existed?

There’s also that mention of digital TV support. Brazil uses the 1seg standard, like we also see in nations like Japan, but as far as we know Motorola’s never produced smartphones featuring such tuners. It’s not a feature we often look for, so we may be wrong there, but a cursory search turns up nothing. If this really is a Motorola device, then, it may be blazing new trails.

According to the rumor, this device could launch as soon as next month, so if this super-slim, budget-priced Motorola Android really is happening, we’ll get official word in not too long at all.


Source: Technoblog (Google Translate)
Via: The Droid Guy

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