This year has already brought us some smartphones with stupifingly tiny bezels, giving us phones that appear more like a screen floating in our hands than bulky handsets of yore; look no further than that surprisingly compelling Sharp Aquos Crystal. Other manufacturers are similarly interested in pushing boundaries (no pun intended) with bezels, working our way down to zero. The latest to share news of a component that hopes to make thick bezels a thing of the past is LG, with a 5.3-inch 1080p panel featuring what it calls the world’s thinnest bezels.

The LG screen’s bezels measure a scant 0.7mm thick on the side edges, a stunt LG says it was able to pull off thanks to some improved manufacturing techniques, like a smarter bonding process that not only cuts down on edge width, but also renders the display dust- and waterproof.

That sounds really promising, but we find ourselves flashing back to something LG revealed when talking about the G3’s design process, and how it was shooting for even thinner bezels than we ultimately got. The limiting factor, as the company described it, wasn’t so much the screen tech (which delivers the improvements we’re discussing today), but physical constraints of the handset as a whole – specifically, how a thinner G3 bezel would have necessitated covering the panel with thicker glass, as well as impacted the phone’s ability to stand up to accidental drops.

As such, we’re not sure that this new panel will instantly lead to a super-thin-bezel LG smartphone, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. Production of this new panel hits full steam next month, and LG’s got an eye to eventually use it in phones destined for the Chinese market.

Source: LG
Via: phoneArena

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