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Super AMOLED Display Offers 180-Degree Viewing Angle

By Chuong Nguyen June 23, 2010, 7:21 am

Apple had boasted its IPS display on the iPad to offer a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, but Samsung is upping the game with its Super AMOLED panel saying that users can have 180 degrees of viewing. That means, according to Samsung Mobile, that you can hold the display at eye level and see the screen's images without blurring or distortion.

During his keynote speech at WWDC, Steve Jobs said that his company chose to go with retina display technology over OLED screens because OLED doesn't meet the discerning requirements of Apple's team. That's probably true as Samsung subsequently created Super AMOLED displays—used on the Galaxy S—that's promised to be brighter, more vibrant, and more energy efficient. The company has already laid claim that Super AMOLED displays are better than Apple's retina display following Jobs' WWDC keynote.


In the latest tests, it was discovered that LCD screen technologies, primarily that used in the IPS-based retina display, still edges out Super AMOLED displays outdoors. The jury's still out on which technology will be superior, but 180-degree angles and energy efficiency do sound like nice features for Samsung to boast about the company's technologies.

(via: IntoMobile)


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