Suggested Sharing on Google Photos, because we know you’ll forget to send it out

Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries are the two new features that Google Photos is adding to its set. Because honestly, you know how to take pictures — you just need to share them properly.

Suggested Sharing comes into when you’re in a Shared Album on Google Photos and have grouped in a ton of people. When you send an invitation out to your hoard (because Photos identifies your friends in the snaps), they’ll be asked to send along pictures from that particular outing as well — yep, Google Photos knows which ones to send along.

Shared Libraries will let you share pictures of certain things (such as kids or certain people) with a certain other person (like your partner or family member). Pictures taken and properly detected will automatically be shared with that library and the other partner will be notified.

If you’re a sentimental type that wants to print the memories you take, the Photo Books feature will help you out as well as it suggests which photos to include and how they should be formatted. Simple as that. Google Photos will ship you a book starting at $9.99.

These features will be available across Android and iOS as well as the web interface. Google Lens abilities will roll out to Google Photos later this year.

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