There is Such a Thing as Too Thin

Thin is in right now.  Everyone wants to be able to say they have the thinnest smartphone on the market.  Apple want’s you to think the iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone out there too, even if it’s not necessarily true.  But is there such a thing as being too thin?  I think so.

Usually people hold a phone in a hand with fingers wrapping around the side.  It’s the natural way to hold something, but when something is too thin, there really isn’t enough surface area on the edges to place your fingers for a comfortable grip.  In fact, the thinness contributes to a more slippery grip.  That’s why the blades on ice skates are so thin; the smaller surface area gives you more speed to slide across the ice while scraping the pointy edges against the blade helps you stop or change direction.  Sliding speed is not really needed on a phone and scraping a blade against my skin doesn’t sound that comfortable.  The iPod Touch in the photo above has very thin edges and it’s not comfortable to hold at all (unless I keep my hand flat and perpendicular to gravity.)

Thin devices makes for very little surface area for the fingers. It’s not comfortable to hold sharp edges either.

On the other hand, something thicker and more ergonomically designed like the Nokia Lumia 710 is much more comfortable to hold.  The Lumia 710 is a bit unique since it’s edges actually have an angled ledge that make for a perfect fit for your fingers, while the back is curved to fit comfortably within the palm of your hand.

This device has a much more ergonomic shape that offers plenty of surface area that in the hand nicely.

Thinner devices work well in the pocket though since there’s less bulk unless they have larger widths and heights in which case the flatness causes a large rectangle to protrude in your pocket.  Are you of the “the thinner the better” persuasion, or is something a little thicker with comfortable edges to hold more to your liking?

IceSkate Picture: MomMag

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