Subscription promos are coming soon to Google Play apps to help devs better monetize their services

It’s a known fact that Android device users love downloading a wide range of free apps and games, but some of the best things in life cost a few bucks. Others, like premium video or audio streaming services, magazine subscriptions, and various cloud storage or productivity resources, may even require a small monthly or annual fee, which more and more people are willing to cough up.

At first however, you’ll probably want to try on said “premium” services and apps for size. That’s where free trials come in, and before long, subscription promos as well.

Believe it or not, a developer can’t currently set an introductory price for a particular period of time that’s different from the regular charge for a title published on the Google Play Store. But the search giant is working on extra freedom of choice for both app creators and mobile consumers.

As such, you’ll soon to be able to “offer a subscription for $1 per month for the first three months before the normal subscription price kicks in”, for example. According to Google, “subscriptions are the fastest growing business model on Play, with consumer spending in subscription apps increasing 10x over the last 3 years”, so it makes perfect sense to multiply monetization possibilities for devs while helping the everyday folk get cheaper limited access to paid Android services.

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