Study: Web Browsing Faster on Android than iPhone

If web-surfing is one of the tasks that you frequently carry out on your smartphone you might be interested to know that, according to a recent study, Android surfs faster than iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone was slower at loading websites 84% percent of the time, compared to Google’s Android OS. In the series of tests, the iPhone 4 was put head-to-head against the Nexus S over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections. Loading more than 45,000 pages from 1,000 websites, Android was “52 percent faster on average”, according Blaze Software Inc., who carried out the study.

“Users don’t always notice the speed gap because websites are sometimes tailored to mobile phones”, Blaze said. However, as users come to expect richer experiences with more features, speed differences will become much more noticeable. Factor in tablets (such as the iPad and XOOM), upon which users will expect a more desktop-like browsing experience, and the speed issue becomes much more important.

What’s the difference? According to the tests, not a lot. Pages in the test group loaded in 2.14 seconds on Android; the same pages loaded in 3.25 seconds on iPhone. The difference, according to Guy Podjarny, Chief Technology Officer of Blaze, is likely due to Google’s obsession with load times, which they realize through “more efficient ways of getting different elements of a page, such as pictures or text”.

While both companies have spent significant resources trying to improve performance of their browser’s handling of JavaScript, the study specifically excluded benchmarking sites like Sun Spider, instead focusing on pages hosted by Fortune 1000 companies. This, essentially limited the tests to sites that would yield results that are more likely to be seen by everyday surfers like you and I.

Not included in the study was the fact that, at present, no iPhone supports any form of “4G” technology. Android, on the other hand, has phones that support LTE, Wi-Max, and HSPA+, which would result in even faster browsing speeds.

Source: Bloomberg

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