Study Shows Application Crashes On Apple iOS And Google Android

According to a recent report from mobile app monitor Crittercism applications on Apple’s iOS crash more than applications on Google’s Android. The report analyzed crashes in the first two weeks of December and found out at least 23 different iOS versions and 33 Android iterations which all have one thing in common: app crashes.

In the general pie above you’ll see that the largest chunk, representing most crashes, belongs to iOS 5.0.1 which is the most recent Apple mobile OS. In the chart below dedicated to Apple you’ll see that the same OS represents 33.93%, a larger slice but this time compared only to other Apple iOS-powered devices.

At the time of this study, Apple’s iOS 5 was less than two months old and iOS 5.0.1 was about one month old which means that several apps were still required a “compatibility” update of some sort.


According to Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy, the reasons behind so many crashes are several and could include hardware issues, Internet connection problems, language support or memory problems the app is plagued with. “It can be a mix of both hardware and software issues that developers may or may not be responding to”, Levy said.

As far as Android is concerned, it crashes less according to the main chart which contains both mobile platforms. According to Crittercism, who analyzed 214 million app launches between November and December 2011, there were three times more app launches on iOS than on Android (around162 million versus 52 million).

Since the report “examined app crashes as a percentage of each app launch”, the issue of having more iOS devices than Androids in the results is eliminated. According to the CEO, the results don’t mean that iOS apps crash more than Android apps. He believes that iOS 5 being fresh in the install base had a lot to do with applications crashing; on the counterpart, Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich has not yet been released widely to phones. “I expect as Ice Cream Sandwich just launched … we’ll expect the same situation to occur (with Android) as what happened (with iOS)”, Levy said.

With software makers like Google and Apple releasing updates to their devices, developers need to keep up and maintain their applications. The study shows that “apps crashed much less than in the third quartile” than the top apps residing in the first one.

Do you think developers should put more effort in pushing out updates for their applications whenever it is necessary, especially after an OS version bump? Are these problems having OS issues at their core or is it more of an application issue? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Crittercism

Via: Forbes

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