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Apple will help study eating disorders with the use of the Apple Watch

By Samuel Martinez October 15, 2018, 1:13 pm

Apple is truly dedicated to improving their user’s health. Now, they have decided to contribute to the University of North Carolina. Their medical school is conducting a study called BEGIN (Binge Eating Genetics Initiative), where they expect to understand overeating disorders, and one of the tools they’ll use will be the Apple Watch.

Apple has donated 1,000 Apple Watches to be used by 1,000 participants who will enroll in this study. These participants have to be 18 or older and have to experience binge eating or bulimia nervosa. The Apple Watch that’s going to be handed to them is going to monitor their heart rate to see if there are spikes prior to their binge eating disorders. They will also sign up with a mobile app called Recovery Record which they can use to keep track of their thoughts and feelings. These will also be shared with a healthcare professional before they can hold a session.

The study also plans to test genetics and bodily bacteria of the participants to see exactly what is the cause of the disease.

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