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Given the current global pandemic, there’s a good chance you’re stuck at home with substantially more free time than you’re used to. While you could burn through that time binging on your favorite Netflix shows, now is also the perfect opportunity for you to finally make good on some of those projects you pushed to the back-burner earlier this year.

If you’ve been sitting on a great idea for a tech startup, website, and what not but haven’t moved on getting it off the ground, now’s a great time to make some progress.

Not sure where to start? Why not begin by ironing out your tech project’s domain name?

For years, countless tech businesses have struggled to find captivating and memorable domain names that haven’t already been taken. After years of countless businesses in multiple industries scrambling to find relevant .com and .net domains, there simply aren’t that many left unless you want to settle for a site whose name has virtually nothing to do with your business or image.

So why not use a domain extension that not only offers far more availability when it comes to your website’s title but also appeals directly to the soul of what you have created – something that is all about technology ? A domain name on a .tech domain extension. 

Domain names on .tech are widely available; they are short, focused and highlight your website’s unique brand, style and conveys its all about technology!

With a .tech domain name, you’ll have far more flexibility when it comes to choosing a domain name that draws in new users and acts as a point of authority for your business—regardless of whether you’re selling microchips or launching the next Facebook or just writing a new blog.

You’ll no longer need to settle for a long and awkward domain that has little or nothing to do with your tech idea, and the short and succinct nature of your new .tech extension will also make your site a lot more SEO-friendly—leading to more hits on your pages and higher conversion rates. It’s no wonder why .tech powers tens of thousands of startups and has more than 285,000 users comprised of startup founders, developers, and more tech professionals—if we’re talking numbers.

Serious about getting your tech brand online? Make sure it stands out from the crowd by giving it a .tech domain extension. You can now get a fitting .tech domain name for your idea here.

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