Stock Android Keyboard

Google has officially made the stock Android keyboard from Nexus devices available in the Play Store for everyone to download and install. It is called Google Keyboard, and if you have another soft input method on your device (carrier or manufacturer skinned), you can grab the default one from Nexus phones and tablets, officially.

Gesture typing and voice typing (dictation) are also available in this release of the stock Android keyboard. Other features include text-word suggestions and current-word completions, dictionaries for 26 languages, advanced keyboard layouts, and compatibility with both Android phones and tablets. You can install this keyboard on any Android device, given it runs at least Android version 4.0.

Update: apparently “this item is not available” in Romania, which makes us think some other folks out there will have problems accessing it the official way.

Update 2: this was fast. Mirrors are now available for those that can’t get the download working in the Play Store (courtesy of AndroidPolice).


Source: Google Play

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