Steve Wozniak suggests iPhone 7’s headphone jack exclusion would be a mistake

While all the 3.5mm headphone jack omission talks and controversies surrounding the next-gen iPhones, dubbed 7 or 6SE, are technically still hypotheticals, the odds of Apple deciding against the traditional audio connector removal at the eleventh hour can almost no longer be calculated.

It’s more likely that Cupertino will eventually build an Android device, which is what Steve Wozniak famously (and half-jokingly) advised Tim Cook to do a couple of years back. Okay, let’s just say the two feel equally unrealistic at the moment.

But the always outspoken, candid and frequently Apple-critical “Woz” believes “USB-C is going to be the future”, and “if it’s missing the 3.5mm earphone jack”, the iPhone 7 is “going to tick off a lot of people.” The multinational technology company’s co-founder included, who apparently doesn’t like wireless, and “would not use Bluetooth”, as music played to one’s headphones that way “just sounds so flat.”

Wozniak stops short of explicitly deeming the move an error of judgment on Cook’s part, stressing “Apple is good at moving towards the future”, with a new, improved Bluetooth standard presumably incoming to make wireless tunes sound “like real music.” In the meantime, he’ll probably use an adapter to stick to his existing custom-made earphones, or stream Apple Music content to the Nexus 5X, one of his new favorite Androids, thanks to “higher level” USB Type-C support, among others.

Source: AFR

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