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Cyanogen co-founder Steve Kondik has posted his thoughts on the state of his and Kirt McMaster’s company and where the direction of a more perfect Android may be going. One big development we’ve learned: Kondik feels like Cyanogen hasn’t been his company.

The specialized ROM maker recently overhauled its organization chart which saw McMaster replaced as CEO by Lior Tal. Job losses starting coming down the line and it has only been exacerbated by word that Cyanogen’s Seattle headquarters will shutter by the end of the year.

In a post on the private CyanogenMod developer Google+ group extracted by Android Police, Kondik wrote that after the CM community helped the company get on its feet making some cash, that money changed things.

“Unfortunately once we started to see success, my co-founder apparently became unhappy with running the business and not owning the vision,” Kondik said.

This, he claims, is what led McMaster to take less care with how he dealt with the media, mentioning that Cyanogen’s treatment of Android would be able to “put a bullet through Google’s head.”

With workplace morale at a low, Kondik figures that McMaster probably decided to blow everything up and start over. He quickly assembled a new team to help him find a new direction, but Kondik wanted to maintain his original vision. The company essentially operated in two factions for the time, but “the new guys had other plans” that brought them to the current ledge.

Kondik seems to be interested in moving forward with CyanogenMod, but as it is quite entangled with Cyanogen in terms of infrastructure and intellectual property, the community will have to beat out the closure of the Seattle facilities to keep everything it has done so far. Other than that, it might have to make major revisions in brand, code and corporate structure (perhaps even as a non-profit) to keep on going.

“The rest of the ROM community seems to be highly dependent on us, but simultaneously wants us dead,” Kondik said. “How on earth do you fix this?”

The full content of the post is available at the source link.

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