Steve Ballmer: A “Bunch of New” Nokia Windows Phones Next Week

Nokia’s World event is happening exactly one week from now and Steve Ballmer, while talking at the Web 2.0 Summit, is pretty excited about what the Finnish phone maker has up its sleeves.

Microsoft’s CEO was excited to tell the world that Espoo “will have a chance at their Nokia World show next week to show a bunch of new devices running Windows Phone”. “It should be pretty good”, he said, and he definitely knows more than the rest of us who are expecting two Nokia Windows Phones to see the light of day.

While there is most definitely room for debate as per what “a bunch” means, we can all agree that that it is more than just a couple. We’ve been hearing about lots of Nokia phone codenames (SeaRay, Sabre, Lumia, Ace, just to name a few, and we didn’t even mention the numbers 800 et al) out of which some definitely refer to the same model.

Of course there was Android reference too: “it is very hard to be excited, for me, about the Android phones”, Ballmer said, as he believes one has to be a “computer scientist” to use one. Still, Android phones will be the cheapest this holiday season and Microsoft has to work on getting phone prices low enough to compete with Google and its OEMs.

Source: WinRumors

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