Stephen Elop: Nokia Wants No Windows Phone Fragmentation

Ask any Google executive about Android fragmentation and you will hear the same answer: there is none, it has no impact or it could really be regarded as a positive thing, as Eric Schmidt referred to differentiation.

Ask any of the competing executives and you’ll hear nothing but the fact that Android is indeed fragmented. “We think Android is very very fragmented and becoming more fragmented by the day” is a quote you might remember back from the days of the late Steve Jobs.

We don’t want fragmentation being introduced into Windows Phone because we are beginning to see how in a certain other eco-system that fragmentation becomes a problem“, said Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia in an interview while at CES Las Vegas. While that “other eco-system” could be anyone’s guess, we believe your first guess will indeed be Google’s Android.

Nokia will add exclusive features to its Lumia line-up of Windows Phones but “it would always make sure the shared apps still worked”, thus avoiding making the same mistake. What Nokia will continue to do, according to Elop, is differentiate itself from Android and iPhone.

“Our first priority, always, always, is to differentiate our experience from Android and iPhone. That is job one, two and three quite frankly”, he added. Windows Phone already brings what’s necessary to offer a different user interface, where icons no longer rule your world and where integrated services add to the experience. Nokia will try to take advantage and further improve so that it is clearly set apart from Android and iPhone.

Source: Pocket-lint

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