Stephen Elop Shows Off Nokia’s First Windows Phone [Update]

Nokia recently launched the MeeGo powered N9 which is advertised to be the first “pure-touch” smartphone but Stephen Elop allegedly also showed off the Finnish manufacturer’s first Windows Phone. claims to have received an email containing a video of a secret meeting between Elop and Nokia employees — though the video hasn’t been published. In the aforementioned video — images are purportedly frames from it — Elop is said to have showed off a smartphone which resembles the N9 but which was running Windows Phone.

At the first glance this is just your typical N9 but the flash placement at the back (above the camera instead of its left), as well as a dedicated camera button (the N9 has none) make it different from the N9. This could be an early N9 prototype or just a modified N9 in order to run Windows Phone. The screenshot could be easily faked by transferring the picture to the N9 and we unfortunately don’t see the bottom part of the phone where the Back, Start and Search obligatory buttons should be. We’ll let you know more as soon as we find it out. Thoughts anyone?


Update: We now have a video! Stephen Elop is showing off a smartphone with Gorilla Glass protected screen and Carl Zeiss optics on the eight-megapixel camera plus the extra camera button. It’s a product codenamed See Ray / Sea Ray (C-Ray maybe) and it is Nokia’s first Windows Phone running the new version Mango. And the great news is that Nokia has other (notice the plural) Windows Phone devices, different than the See Ray, working as well. Now let us in on your thoughts! Leaked video? Maybe but is smells like a controlled Nokia leak or someone will really get into some major trouble!

Source: Technet

Via: My Nokia Blog

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