LG V70
Image: Twitter / @FrontTron

In case you haven’t already come across hundreds of social media obituaries about LG and the articles detailing its rise and fall, the LG smartphone brand is dead. And with the company’s exit from the market, a few high-profile upcoming phones have also been nixed. Not that we didn’t hear about that happening much earlier, but the official confirmation still came as a bittersweet surprise. Among those canceled projects were the V70 ThinQ flagship and the Rollable, both of which have now appeared in leaked images.

Starting with the V70 ThinQ aka Rainbow, this one was going to succeed the LG V60 ThinQ, a high-end Android flagship that came with a cool dual-screen attachment and powerful internals. The white rear panel appears to be made out of glass that slopes on the sides to meet the metallic frame. The overall design is reminiscent of the LG Velvet, which itself marked the beginning of a fresh design language for premium LG phones. But as fate would have it, the Velvet will walk off into the sunset as a one-of-a-kind LG phone sporting a design unlike any other in the company’s portfolio.

Rollable LG Pocketnow

The second one- and probably the more high-profile cancellation – was the LG Rollable. LG teased the device at CES 2021 and it was scheduled to debut later this year. The device had a rollable screen that expanded to turn the phone into tablet mode, somewhat like the OPPO X 2021, which itself might not be launched commercially.

Image: Twitter / @FrontTron

LG Rollable was the second phone under the Explorer Project initiative – the first one was the swiveling LG Wing – that sought to explore innovative ideas and newer form factors for smartphones. Among all the rollable phone concepts I’ve seen so far, the LG offering looked the most practical. We never got to know about the innards or the technology behind that extending-retracting display, and it is likely that we never will. So long for a promising product that could’ve revived LG’s fortunes in a nascent segment.

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