More super-trustworthy ‘sources’ expect standalone Apple Watch Series 3 to go official soon

Officially unveiled way back in September 2014 and commercially released a whopping seven months later, the iPhone-dependent Apple Watch got a Series 2 upgrade roughly a year ago. But although the second-gen wearable device wasn’t exactly a drastic departure from the original version in either design or capabilities, no one could guarantee a Series 3 launch this fall.

Until last week, that is, when one of the most trustworthy publications around cited inside sources for an exclusive scoop on a cellular-capable new “iWatch” coming “by the end of the year.”

And now CNBC is in a position to “back up” Bloomberg’s claims while explicitly anticipating  an Apple Watch Series 3 announcement alongside “three new iPhone models” in September. Once again, standalone cellular connectivity is singled out as the main selling point and key differentiator compared to previous generations, with no words on any sort of a visual overhaul.

Basically, you can expect a very familiar-looking “new” Apple Watch fully capable of performing a wide array of tasks and operations without help from a tethered iPhone. We’re talking making and receiving voice calls, sending text messages and even streaming music or other content from the web on its own 4G LTE connection.

An important price hike is obviously in the pipeline, with potentially weak battery life the other major concern stopping analysts from making even bolder sales predictions. But if you’re so worried about all that, “regular” old Apple Watch Series 3 variants lacking independent cellular connectivity are also most likely on the way.

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