Squeezable HTC U 11 flagship phone gets cute new video teaser for May 16 launch

HTC is really starting to crank up the buzz builder for that fast-approaching May 16 announcement of the company’s genuine 2017 flagship phone, codenamed Ocean, and very recently revealed to be branded as U 11.

But the creatively struggling Taiwanese tech outfit can’t just show off the “brilliant” Android 7.1 device, at least not yet, instead focusing on further teasing its cryptic “squeezable” personality. Or, you know, what would be enigmatic and head-scratching if it wasn’t for a group of omniscient tipsters and insiders, led by the legend himself, Evan Blass, aka @evleaks.

Thanks to a number of fairly detailed reports and exposés, it’s no longer a secret that the HTC U 11 aims to revolutionize user interaction with a proprietary technology dubbed Edge Sense, enabling various actions and features commanded by gestures rather than traditional touch. Including a “natural” squeeze, obviously, with new types of sensors built into this 5.5-incher’s sides.

Looking at today’s promo video for next month’s launch event, we have to commend HTC for keeping it light, fun and cute… for the time being, although we can’t help but fear for some reason the whole Edge Sense thing may turn out to be a gimmick. Even so, at least the HTC U 11 is widely expected to drop the U Ultra’s secondary display, shrink the main screen down to a more manageable size, pick up an ultra-high-end Snapdragon 835 processor, up to 6GB RAM, and marginally improved cameras. Still no headphone jack though.

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