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Sprint’s Galaxy Forever lease deal comes up with Galaxy S8

By Jules Wang March 31, 2017, 1:51 pm

Sprint has been eager to pull in more money from hardware with its occasional deals. One of the ways it can do so is to offer leasing programs that allow customers to upgrade their latest device in 12 months and recycle those “old,” good condition devices as refurbished devices at discount.

That’s where the Galaxy Forever comes in. Just like its iPhone Forever counterpart, users lease the device for 18 months and have an option to upgrade to the next-generation Galaxy release at 12 months and above without charge. And for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Forever is included with all pre-orders on leasing. The monthly rates are the same as on the 24-month installments: $31.25 for the S8 and $35.42 for the S8+.

Those who wish to upgrade under Galaxy Forever must maintain their account in good standing and return the device in good condition. Users may also pay a one-off fee at the end of the 18-month term to own their phone or continue to pay month-to-month — again, another revenue winner.

The stipulations of Galaxy Forever leave room for those who have decent credit, but don’t have disposable sums to pay more for a phone than it’s worth, so you might be better off with a standard 24-month installment plan.

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