The T-Mobile and Sprint merger finally took place a couple of months ago, after some years of waiting. We expect great things from this merger, but unfortunately, things aren’t doing so great for those who were Sprint’s employees.

According to a report from TechCrunch, T-Mobile has started to lay off almost 400 of Sprint’s former employees. T-Mobile Vice President James Kirby told them that their services were no longer needed during a six-minute call. T-Mobile is scratching Sprint’s BISO sales unit, which focused on small business sales. Apparently, Magenta is cutting people from every division, but BISO was the most affected. The report also mentions that T-Mobile told its laid-off employees that they would keep their job for about who months, and it encouraged them to apply for one of 200 new positions that would open up soon.

Source TechCrunch

Via Android Police

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