As Sprint continues to claw back into growth territory (and profitability), the company is trying to keep as much of the momentum it has built for a while before shifting gears.

Besides moving assets around from inside its corporate infrastructure, the key thing is keeping customers coming in. That’s why CEO Marcelo Claure says that Sprint’s promotional half-off rate plan will stay through the holidays. The promo offers an equivalent pacakge to what AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers are billed for, but at half the cost.

The executive said that Sprint has been able to increase average bills on its network because those looking into the offer actually wanted more in their plan while paying the same amount they used to.

However, at Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia conference, Claure said that he wants to simplify Sprint’s plan offerings and cut down on . Part of that step came with the testing and introduction of its Unlimited Freedom plan. The second part of that is the fact that the half-off promo stipulates that the plan rates double to what would formerly be “normal” rates after two years.

“One thing that we’ve done […] is we message you every month and let you know, ‘Hey, you’re on a promotional rate, your rate is gonna double after two years,'” Claure said. “There’s not going to be a single customer after 24 months that gets surprised when their bill goes up.”

Migrating as many users as possible to one of Sprint’s conventional data packages and Unlimited Freedom is the goal, here, but gradually as not to shock customers.

A competing and similar rate plan offered on Big Magenta, T-Mobile One, is the only postpaid rate plan that T-Mobile offers. The carrier stopped offering data buckets this month.

Source: Goldman Sachs (registration required, 17:00)

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