Sprint, Verizon, EE, TIM, China Telecom to support Snapdragon PCs

Qualcomm has introduced the commercial concept of the Always Connected PC. It runs on a Snapdragon 835 and is promoted with battery life like we wouldn’t believe. But with the chipset, there’s the LTE modem in it that can bring internet capabilities anywhere the laptop or tablet goes — something that’s been more of a niche feature up through this moment.

So, will these Snapdragon-powered boards get people to add on a new line of data with their carriers? The test is set for launch as one of the announcements Qualcomm and Microsoft made at CES 2018 was the roster of carriers that would support ACPCs. So far, the list stands at five: China Telecom; Telecom Italia; the United Kingdom’s EE and; Sprint and Verizon of the United States.

So far, ASUS, HP and Lenovo have pre-launched laptops and tablets with Qualcomm chips inside, all of them set for sale in the spring.

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