Sprint and US Cellular complete LG G6 US availability puzzle with even more gifts and lower pricing

And so it officially begins. As expected, Samsung will need to play one heck of a catch-up game when it eventually unveils and commercially launches its “next big thing”, since the similarly eye-catching LG G6 is already here, costing no arm and leg.

Technically, the 5.7-incher that’s around 80 percent beautiful Quad HD+ screen still requires a few more weeks of preparation before shipping out to early US adopters. But at least you can pre-order the dual 13MP camera bad boy today from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The rumors were of course true about Big Red’s 43-inch LG Smart TV freebie and $200 trade-in, with pricing set at $672, or $28 a month for two years. Sprint, meanwhile, is charging a slightly steeper $708, or $29.50 x 24, but it’s throwing in a complimentary 49-inch LG 1080p HDTV in addition to a Google Home.

All of America’s “big four” carriers are officially committed to an April 7 in-store debut, though Verizon currently lists the LG G6 online as shipping “by” March 30. Bizarrely enough, there’s still no word of T-Mobile pre-sales, with even US Cellular ready to get the ball rolling next Friday, March 24.

USC expects inventory to arrive in physical locations on the same April 7 date, actually selling the LG G6 at its all-around lowest price. Namely, $300 after $297.60 rebates, with no special gifts in tow beside that crafty Google Home speaker.

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