The promotional $50 per month rate for the Sprint Unlimited plan is now gone and over with.

For a few months now, the company has offered this discounted rate to existing and new customers for the first line. It has also run a recurring promotion on multiple lines up to five for $90 per month. Those who were able to lock into the promo rates will have them through June of 2018.

The normal rate, $60 per month for the first line, will take effect for locked-in customers in July 2018 and new customers as of today. Some retail locations may offer up to five lines for $100 per month. Otherwise, lines after the first two at $100 will cost $30 per month each.

You can get 1080p video streaming and 10GB of high-speed hotspot data for about $20 per month less than the other three big networks. Shame that can’t be $30 per month less, though.

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