Sprint further ups the streaming quality ante with Unlimited Freedom Premium plan

T-Mobile’s recent Un-carrier 12 announcement essentially put traditional data plans to rest with “One” unlimited option for all, Sprint instantly responded by launching Unlimited Freedom service on a wide scale, while AT&T has Mobile Share Advantage up its sleeve.

What does Verizon have? Bloatware, and before long, possibly even more pre-installed Android apps you don’t need. But although Sprint can’t refrain from passingly yanking Big Red’s chain for forcing data caps on its subscribers, no matter how much they’re willing to spend, the Now Network’s latest press release is first and foremost about something else.

Something called Unlimited Freedom Premium, setting you back $80 a month for “up to HD-quality video, music and gaming streaming.” Sure, it’s expensive, but you’ll be upgrading from unlimited 480p to 1080p video, 500 kbps to 1.5 Mbps audio, and 2 to 8 Mbps gaming content.

Technically, that’s still throttling on Sprint’s part, but at least you can easily watch Full HD movies online on your phone now. Besides, as America’s number four wireless telecommunication provider is quick to point out in a colorful graph, T-Mobile charges $170, and AT&T $190 for a similar two-line offer, compared to “just” $140 on Unlimited Freedom Premium. And yes, the “premium resolution experience” is “family-friendly”, allowing one member to go Premium, and another stick to its standard, non-HD guns.

Source: Sprint

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